A Nerd’s Professional Journey


Photo Courtesy Alisa Shea of A Shea Design Lab.

My passion for words began with seventh-grade English. (Thanks, Mrs. Wilson!) I used the word “frenzy” in a journal, and the teacher had me inaugurate our Word Wall by writing “frenzy” on that fresh, blank poster while she explained what made strong, specific word choices so powerful. A love affair with words was born. Swoon.

Now thirty-*cough* years after middle school, here I am: still looking for those perfect words and working to help my clients achieve the same. Only now I bring decades of experience to power my choices and fuel my expertise.

My writing and editing journey has taken me all over the literary map—from newspapers and magazines to books and clients reports and government proposals (with occasional forays into teaching). The through line of my unconventional professional path? If it has to do with words, then yes, please.

I look forward to bringing these talents to your big and small editorial needs. Reach out to me at Kerri@KerriKennedy.org.

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